About / Ma3lumat

We’ve all experienced them, those moments of sheer confusion when you are left scratching your head at the oddity of a situation. Or maybe it is something that you’ve come to accept as the cultural norm but when asked to give a reason for it, realize that maybe it really is kinda strange and that the only way to discribe it is that #itshardtoexplain!

My name is Sa3b and I’m collecting these #hardtoexplain moments from the Arab world, because face it, we have a lot! That’s why I’m making this blog multi-lingual. So if you have an example of something that made you laugh, cry out of frustration or just say ‘WTF!’, email it to me, add it to my Facebook page, or Tweet it with the #itshardtoexplain tag and I’ll make sure it gets up on the blog.

  1. ali says:

    This is a FANTASTIC blog.. Im on your FB page too.. really cool and great work!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Hi, found your blog on the Dubai tags in WP. Interesting posts. I often wondered how do you pronounce these Arabic words with letters in them like Sa3b and Ma3lumat?

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