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Walla! This creature is hard to explain!! So is the website, but it looks pretty cool. I signed up at to check it out… I can’t believe it does all of these things! The internet could definitely use more Arabic content.

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Springboard tour

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How did this happen? Maybe it’s fake? #itshardtoexplain

Some talents are hard to explain.
بعض المواهب صعب شرحها

looool 🙂

Alot of it’s hard to explain points:

1. it’s hard to explain where they are taking him

2. it’s hard to explain where his “yellow-blue sweat drops” are gone’s hard to explain why he is smiling

Nice feet Mr. Modhesh lol

IN DUBAI…   coffee or arcade?? its hard to explain!!

“the bathroom is closed due to the theft of bathroom rinsers!” who would want to steal that???

There are a few things that are hard to explain about this…

1) how you practice this without DYING
2) how do they not get caught?
3) why is his hazard light on??


dog on a leash YES! But a LION!! … Does anyone find it funny or hard to explain?