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Ebdaaa3 !!

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The Yellow Man before Ramadan

The Yellow Man during Ramadan

What happened to all the normal colors ??!!

3al Mooda 🙂

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What did you do this weekend? Relax with family or enjoy time out with friends?

I didn’t do much. In fact, you could say I was watering the owl. Why? It’s hard to explain.


Springboard tour

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How did this happen? Maybe it’s fake? #itshardtoexplain

Really confusing ….

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n15608122_31445114_8345 مسكين أول مرة يرى فيها حائط


الصورة الثانية مكتوب عليها “مجموعة مناكير”، لا أدري مناكير لامرأة أم لبقرة

Hardcore smoking

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The whole world is hard to explain. This man should be in Guinness. Tobacco companies could make him a millionaire!

حاولت بكل تركيز أن أشرح هذا المقطع لمن حولي، بس فعلا صعب شرحه.