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The Yellow Man before Ramadan

The Yellow Man during Ramadan

What happened to all the normal colors ??!!

3al Mooda 🙂

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Alot of it’s hard to explain points:

1. it’s hard to explain where they are taking him

2. it’s hard to explain where his “yellow-blue sweat drops” are gone’s hard to explain why he is smiling

Nice feet Mr. Modhesh lol

Here are some pix of what some people think about Modhesh!

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Caterpillar = Modhesh Via @iamjamieread through Twitter

Spring = Modhesh Via @ParulBh through Twitter

Michelin=Modhesh Aziz Jameel through Facebook

Jack-in-the-box=Modhesh Via Fadi Khater through Facebook

Help me explain who Modhesh is by suggesting other options and creating photos!