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Does it come in red? (via @bakerlicious)

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Is he really having fun? If yes, please explain HOW?

What was he thinking… it’s hard to explain?

Alot of it’s hard to explain points:

1. it’s hard to explain where they are taking him

2. it’s hard to explain where his “yellow-blue sweat drops” are gone’s hard to explain why he is smiling

Nice feet Mr. Modhesh lol

Here are some pix of what some people think about Modhesh!

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Caterpillar = Modhesh Via @iamjamieread through Twitter

Spring = Modhesh Via @ParulBh through Twitter

Michelin=Modhesh Aziz Jameel through Facebook

Jack-in-the-box=Modhesh Via Fadi Khater through Facebook

Help me explain who Modhesh is by suggesting other options and creating photos!

Help me explain who Modhesh is?


There are a few things that are hard to explain about this…

1) how you practice this without DYING
2) how do they not get caught?
3) why is his hazard light on??


dog on a leash YES! But a LION!! … Does anyone find it funny or hard to explain?

Elephant in Dubai

via @misharelli

@misharelli sent me this image of an Elephant just hangin out in front of a villa in Dubai. It’s from her tumblr blog handsup-thumbsdown. I’ve also added her blog To Buy or Not Du-Bai in our blogroll. Much of this stuff is truly hard to explain.